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Update: New Apple Search Ads Bug Affects Creative Sets (Nov 2020)

A/B testing your App Store screenshots is a vital strategy to ensure your images are optimized and configured to convert a lot of potential users. If you’re on the App Store, the best way to A/B test your screenshots would be to use the creative sets.

The problem is that, at the time of this writing, there’s a bug that’s preventing you from accurately A/B testing your creative sets in the App Store.

So, what really happens? 

It seems that the Apple Search Ads is currently stricken by a bug. If you are going to A/B test your creative sets right now, you will end up having the wrong data. Because of the bug, the new creative sets you create on the Apple Search Ads won’t get any impressions. Instead, what happens is that the impressions would be sent to the default (existing) creative set made by Apple.

This is a huge problem if you’re going to A/B test your screenshots. The issue is even bigger now because some app developers aren’t aware of the bug’s existence. They might be setting up new creative sets for A/B testing purposes but they won’t be getting any impressions.

What this means for developers?

For now, A/B testing your creative sets using the Apple Search Ads might not be a good idea. It’s a big problem for many developers who are tight on their budget. We all know that Apple Search Ads allows you to do A/B testing without shelling out a big chunk of money. This is not always possible if you’re going to use third-party tools.

Moreover, those developers who don’t know about the bug might be in for a big surprise if they are relying on their A/B test data. If you are still A/B testing your screenshots with the presence of the bug, you’ll only end up with inaccurate statistics.

When is this going to be fixed?

Apple confirmed that there’s a bug currently affecting the A/B testing capabilities of Apple Search Ads. According to reliable sources, they aim to resolve this problem by the end of November. But who knows when this problem would exactly be solved as it is a major glitch in the system. We’ll see what will happen next.

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